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Мы рады приветствовать Вас на сайте Корпорации по развитию Республики Коми! Наш регион обладает огромным промышленным и инвестиционным потенциалом, способствующим его динамичному развитию. Будем рады оказать содействие в реализации Вашего инвестиционного проекта. Республика Коми – территория сотрудничества!
Миянлы нимкодь тöдмасьны Тiянкöд Коми Республика сöвмöдан Корпорация сайт вылын! Миян республикаын эм уна позянлун водзö вылö сöвмöдны да паськöдны производство, тшöтш корсьны та вылö содтöд отсöг. Радпырысь отсалам пöртны олöмö тiян мöвпъяс да уджтасъяс. Коми Республика - öтсöгласа олöм вöсна му!
We are delighted to welcome you on the website of the Corporation for Development of Komi Republic! Our region has a huge industrial and investment potential, contributing to its dynamic development. We will be glad to assist you in the implementation of your investment project. Komi Republic – territory of cooperation!
Wir heissen Sie auf der Webseite der  Entwicklungsgesellschaft für die Republik Komi willkommen. Unsere Region bietet enormes Potenzial für Industrie und Investment, was zu ihrer dynamischen Entwicklung beiträgt. Wir freuen uns, Sie bei der Verwirklichung Ihres Investmentprojektes zu unterstützen. Republik Komi - Land der Kooperation!
Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue sur le site de la Société pour le développement de la République de Komi! Notre région a un potentiel énorme d’industrie et d’investissement, ce qui contribue à son développement dynamique. Nous serons heureux de vous aider dans la réalisation de votre projet d'investissement. République Komi - le territoire de la coopération!
我們誠摯的歡迎您蒞臨 Komi Republic 發展公司之網站。我們的區域擁有豐富的工業及投資潛質,並有助於其動態發展。我們將很樂意的協助您實行您的投資計劃。Komi Republic— 領域合作!
Vi diamo il benvenuto sul sito internet della Società per lo sviluppo della Repubblica di Komi! La nostra regione ha un enorme potenziale per l'industria e gli investimenti, che contribuisce al suo sviluppo dinamico. Saremo lieti di aiutarvi a realizzare il vostro progetto di investimento. Komi Repubblica - il territorio della cooperazione!
Le damos la bienvenida en la página web de la compañía para el desarrollo de la República de Komi! Nuestra región tiene un enorme potencial para la industria y la inversión, lo que contribuye a su desarrollo dinámico. Estaremos encantados de ayudarle en la realización de su proyecto de inversión. República de Komi - el territorio de la cooperación!
コミ共和国の開発会社のウェブサイトに貴方を歓迎いたします。この地域の投資可能性と産業潜在的は巨大です。私たちは、あなたの投資プロジェクトの実現に貢献して幸せになります。コミ共和国 - 協力の領土。コミ共和国の開発会社のウェブサイトに貴方を歓迎いたします。 この地域の投資可能性と産業潜在的は巨大です。 これは、コミのダイナミックな発展に貢献しています。 私たちは、あなたの投資プロジェクトの実現に貢献して幸せになります。 コミ共和国 - 協力の領土!
Greetings of the Corporation

05/25/2012: Mondi Syktyvkar officially launched a strategic upgrade project for the Komi Thermal Power Plant

In the first stage of plant modernization investments amount to of more than 8 billion rubles - which is part of the approved program of capital investment "Mondi" for 2017-2019. The main goal of the project is to ensure stable and safe generation of heat and electricity for the plant and for Komi Republic.

"Modernization of the plant is the largest investment project at the enterprise after the STEP project implemented in 2010. The Syktyvkar timber processing plant is a key facility not only in the plant's infrastructure, it provides about 20 percent of the region's electricity needs, it is a significant part, and it is the only source of heat and hot water for the Ezhva district of Syktyvkar with a population of about 60 thousand people.Our thermal power plant is unique on the scale of Russia in general and the Mondi group in particular.It has been operating for more than 50 years and deserves a full-fledged program said" Klaus Peller, the general director of Mondi Syktyvkar at the presentation ceremony. 

Deputy Prime Minister Komi-head of the Ministry of Construction of the region Konstantin Lazarev stressed that the project is one of the largest in the North-West Federal District.

The heat and power plant  worked reliably and accident-free for 51 years. "I can only say good words to those who built this project, put it into operation and exploited it, I would like to see the launch of this large investment project of Mondi work even more confidently." I believe that the project will serve the republic's welfare and ensure sustainable Power supply not only to the plant, bu to consumers as well, "he said.

The plant has already received a positive approval of the state expertise and permission for construction and installation works from the supervisory authorities, contracts with the main suppliers are concluded. The commissioning of new equipment is scheduled for 2019.

08/13/2016: The plant for assembling tower cranes started operating in Syktyvkar

The project is implemented at the production facilities of the Syktyvkar Metal Processing Plant. Investments are more than 250 million rubles. Now the company employs more than 50 employees, in 2017 their number is expected to triple - up to 150 people, 30 of them - engineering and technical workers.

By the end of the year, the plant plans to produce from 20 to 50 units of equipment with an average cost of 25 million rubles.

For the production of new tower cranes under the trademark Rokra (abbreviated "Russian crane") in Italy, the PEINER SYSTEM plant was purchased.

In 2016, the plant intends to work in a pilot production mode and establish technology development, and next year plans to reach the design capacity of up to 150 tower cranes and localize the production of components.

The plant will produce cranes MK-180 and MK-220. Now the plant employs about 50 employees, but by the end of the year the staff is planned to increase to 150 people. The average monthly salary of welders and locksmiths is in the region of 25-30 thousand rubles, and the backbone of the production are the workers and the specialists employed. The enterprise is actively working to attract young people for traineeships and further employment.